about myself !!!


I was born in Baglung, Malma 2, Rishmi, in 1974.
I completed my schooling from Janjaagriti Secondry School from Kandebas, Baglung.I studied proficiency certificate level in Mahendra Multiple College, Baglung. Further, I did my Bachelor of Arts from Birendra Multiple College, Bharatpur, Chitwan. After completion bachelor degree.


I involved in hotel and transportation businesses for couple of years.But, I could not succeed in my business due to political,economical and financial contexts of Nepal. Therefore,I thought to leave the country.


I made a tour to Switzerland in 1996 for the purpose of an employment.
After a stay of 10 months, I went to Germany where I lived 2 years.
Thereafter, I headed to Belgium and stayed there for few months.
Then I was in Portugal for ten years.


Within period of ten years I got a national identity of Portugal.
After I came to Denmark in 2009 and lived there until 2017.
Finally 2017 I came in UK and I have been residing here and Malat
since then. During my stay of 22 years in abroad,


I have put an effort to make contribution in the field of social services.
It is because I was interested in contributing something to societies since
I was child. And to shape my aims, I worked with numbers of charitable funds.


I have listed some of my involvements and achievements as below !!!

  • Adviser -International Coordination Council NRNA ICC 2019-21 
  • Vice–president-Nepal Malta friendship Society 2020 
  • Coordinator-GP Koirala Foudation Malta 2020 Joint 
  • Treasurer-International Coordination Council NRNA ICC 2017-2019 
  • Honorary Public Relations Representative-Nepal Tourism Board Nepal 2016-18 
  • Member- International Coordination Council NRNA ICC 2015-2017
  • International Coordinator – Nepal library Foundation 2016-18 
  • Deputy coordinator – NRNA ICC Europe Region 2014-15 
  • Brand Ambassador Chitwan Yuwa Samuha international coordination committee 2016 
  • Brand Ambassador. Historical Ranipokari Chitwan 2016 
  • International coordinator – P2C2Nepal2015 
  • International coordinator – Anti corruption Campaign Chitwan 2016 
  • President – Everest Dainik 2015 
  • Advisor – NRNA NCC Denmark 2015-17
  • Co- Chair Nepal Library Project NRNA ICC 2015/17 
  • Vice-president, Janasamparka Samiti Portugal- 2007 
  • Board Member NRNA NCC, Portugal- 2006 
  • Vice –president, Nepali Samaj Portugal 2008 
  • General-Secretary, Portugal Nepal Friendship Association 2007 
  • Member-Janasamparka Samanwaya Samiti, Europe 2006 
  • Country Manager Portugal 2005
  • Samundrapari Monthly Chief, Foreign Affairs 
  • Sapkota Welfare Center Nepal central working Committee Nepal 2005 
  • G.Member of Portuguese Socialist Democratic party Portugal 2002
  •  G.Member- Danish Socialist Democratic party Denmark 2009 
  • President-NRNA NCC, Denmark 2009 
  • Chief adviser, Golkot Samaj, Denmark 2009 
  • Life member – Nepal Red cross Society 
  • Member – Portugal Red cross General Member, Nepal Danish society, Denmark 2009 
  • President – Help Nepal network, Denmark Chapter 
  • Member – NRNA ICC TFT promotion of Nepal abroad 2009 
  • Member – CAS Chitwan ,Nepal 
  • Member- International Coordination Council NRNA ICC 2011-2013 
  • Co-Chair – Foreign Employment Task force NRNA 2011-2013 
  • Member – TFT Charity NRNA 2011-2013 
  • Member- TFT for Promotion of Nepal Abroad NRNA 2011-2013 
  • Member – CIC NRNA NCC Denmark 2012-2013 
  • Team member- www.nrntv.com 
  • Team member- prabasineplainews.com 
  • Adviser – Solidarity Monthly Adviser- Nepalnewstime.com 
  • Adviser-International Nepalese Artists Society 2015 
  • Honorary Member- Uday Buddha Bihar Riga 2 Baglung 2016 
  • Chief of foreign affairs-Sapkota Kalyan Kendra Nepal 2005-2016
  • Voice President — Malta Nepal chamber of commerce 
  • Voice President- Malta Nepal Friendship Society 
  • General Secretary- Europe Nepal chamber of Commerce for Tourism