"Mother and Motherland are Dearer than Heaven"

About me

I was born in Baglung, Malma 2, Rishmi, in 1974. I completed my schooling from Janjaagriti Secondry School from Kandebas, Baglung. I studied proficiency certificate level in Mahendra Multiple College, Baglung. Further, I did my Bachelor of Arts from Birendra Multiple College, Bharatpur, Chitwan.

After completion bachelor degree, I involved in hotel and transportation businesses for couple of years. But, I could not succeed in my business due to political, economical and financial contexts of Nepal. Therefore, I thought to leave the country. In a first attempt, I made a tour to Switzerland in 1996 for the purpose of an employment. After a stay of 10 months, I went to Germany where I lived 2 years. Thereafter, I headed to Belgium and stayed there for few months. Then I was in Portugal for ten years. Within period of ten years I got a national identity of Portugal. After  I came to Denmark in 2009 and lived there until 2017. Finally 2017 I came in UK and  I have been residing here and Malat  since then.

During my stay of 22 years in abroad, I have put an effort to make contribution in the field of social services. It is because I was interested in contributing something to societies since I was child. And to shape my aims, I worked with numbers of charitable funds. I have listed some of my involvements and achievements as below:

Adviser -International Coordination Council NRNA ICC 2019-21

Vice –president-Nepal Malta friendship Society  2020

Coordinator-GP Koirala Foudation Malta 2020

Joint Treasurer -International Coordination Council NRNA ICC  2017-2019

Honorary Public Relations Representative -Nepal Tourism Board Nepal 2016-18
Member- International Coordination Council NRNA ICC 2015-2017
International Coordinator – Nepal library Foundation 2016-18
Deputy coordinator – NRNA ICC Europe Region 2014-15
Brand Ambassador Chitwan Yuwa Samuha international coordination committee 2016
Brand Ambassador. Historical Ranipokari Chitwan 2016
International coordinator – p2c2Nepal2015
International coordinator – Anti corruption Campaign Chitwan 2016
president – Everest dainik 2015
Advisor – NRNA NCC Denmark 2015-17
Co- Chair Nepal Library Project NRNA ICC 2015/17
Vice-president, Janasamparka Samiti Portugal- 2007
Board Member NRNA NCC, Portugal- 2006
Vice –president, Nepali Samaj Portugal 2008
General-Secretary, Portugal Nepal Friendship Association 2007
Member-Janasamparka Samanwaya Samiti, Europe 2006
Country Manager portugal 2005, Samundrapari Monthly
Chief, Foreign Affairs Sapkota Welfare Center Nepal central working Committee Nepal 2005
G.Member of Portuguese Socialist Democratic party Portugal2002
G.Member- Danish Socialist Democratic party Denmark 2009
President-NRNA NCC, Denmark 2009
Chief adviser, Golkot Samaj, Denmark 2009
life member – Nepal Red cross Society
Member – Portugal Red cross
General Member, Nepal Danish society, Denmark 2009
President – Help Nepal network, Denmark Chapter
Member – NRNA ICC TFT promotion of Nepal abroad 2009
Member – CAS Chitwan ,Nepal
Member- International Coordination Council NRNA ICC 2011-2013
Co-Chair – Foreign Employment Task force NRNA 2011-2013
Member – TFT Charity NRNA 2011-2013
Member- TFT for Promotion of Nepal Abroad NRNA 2011-2013
Member – CIC NRNA NCC Denmark 2012-2013
Team member-
Team member-
Adviser – Solidarity Monthly
Adviser-International Nepalese Artists Society 2015
Honorary member- Uday Buddha Bihar Riga 2 Baglung 2016
chief of foreign affairs-Sapkota Kalyan Kendra Nepal 2005-2016

  • sahil sah

    Great sir ….. great achievement you have done in your life…now you are ideal of mine after reading about you