NRN America discusses adopting single association

In joint convention of the Association of Nepalese in Mid-West America (ANMA) and Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) held at Lexington, Kentucky on September 10, participants have drawn the attention of having a single NRN association.

According to a press statement, during the session, Prahlad KC spoke about importance of having a collective and united voice of NRN association in USA in collaboration with existing organisation for the development of Nepal.

Regional coordinator of NRN Association for North America, Dr. Ambika P. Adhikary, talked about his role as regional coordinator, structure of the organisation and much discussed NRN identity cards.

Tsewang Sherpa Lama expressed need to reorganise NRN association in USA and appealed to everyone to join hands together and march forward with better understanding and for the brighter future.

According to Dr. Shambhu Dhungana, Nepal should offer dual citizenship and emphasise in connecting Nepali with the growing Nepali Diaspora.

The association’s vice president, Dr. Bidya Ranjeet, talked about inclusiveness and reaching out to a larger populace. “We must organise to make NRN movement and the association stronger in the USA.”

Meanwhile, president of NASeA, Raja Ghale, expressed his commitment for the organisation, while Mukesh Singh, spoke on a greater need of cooperation, collaboration and unity among the non-resident Nepalis.

He announced the name of at least six coordinators to raise USD 15,000 annually to serve 55 senior citizens residing at an old age home built by NRN in Nepal.

Meanwhile, association’s general secretary Bishnu Thapa handed over a draft of USD 3750.00 to Swami Atmanand Giriji to sustain the programme he has been running since a long time.

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