Progress report of NRN NCC Denmark since its foundation from 2 August 2009

NRN NCC Denmark was founded on 2 August 2009. Nepalese living in Denmark attended during the congregation program at the premises of Nepal Embassy in Denmark. An election was held for the president however the other designations for the committee were elected unanimously.
The first meeting of NRN NCC Denmark was held in Copenhagen on 6th August 2009. The meeting focused on collecting an immediate relief fund to the diarrhea affected people in Jajarkot, Rolpa and Rukum Districts of Western Nepal. As an initial effort for the social works, the members of executive committee were able to collect around 92000 NRs and staff of Nepali Embassy in Denmark also contributed an amount of three day salary altogether in total 99300 which was later handed over to the acting His Excellency Ambassador Mr. Dora Nath Aryal on 11 August 2009. The contributed amout was finally transferred to the Natural Disaster Relief committee in Jajarkot. His excellency honourable ambassador Mr. Vijay Kant Karna actively supported in the channeling the relief fund transfer process.
The aim of NRNs is also to unite Nepalese by preserving the national cultures by celebrating them. In this regard, the other remarkable achievement of the NRN NCC Denmark was to host a Teej festival on 23 August 2009. Within its little resources, (at the cost of 1100 Danish Kronor), a grand Teej festival was organized at the premises of Nepal Embassy in Denmark. Mrs. Sarsoti Bhusal was the coordinator for the Teej program. Around hundreds of women from different parts of Denmark participated the Teej celebration and enjoyed Nepali native environment. A short speech delivery program was also held during the function. Various speakers from women and NRN NCC Denmark Committee delivered the views on importance of Teej festival and extended regards to all the participants. While in the conclusion part, NRNA Denmark president Som Nath Sapkota extended his sincere thanks to women participants with warm greetings on behalf of the NRNA Denmark on the auspicious occasion of Teej. In the occasion, acting honourable ambassador Mr. Dora Nath Aryal expressed his commitment to help NRN Association Denmark in the future programs that are organized by NRNA Denmark.
In lieu of coordinating to NRN ICC, a formal request was received from NRN ICC to support the founding NRN NCC Sweden, NCC Denmark President Mr. Som Nath Sapkota, ICC Denmark member Mr. Ganesh Dhakal visited Stockholm on 30 August 2009. In their presence, an ad-hoc committee for NRN NCC Sweden was successfully founded.
Besides social welfare and cultural preservation, and coordinating NRN central NRN NCC Denmark also aims to coordinate with other Nepalese organizations that exist in Denmark. Nepal Danish Society is a unique social organization in itself in Denmark. It has been working for several years back as a social networking and interactive forum for Nepalese who were bound to live in Denmark on the marital reason. It was because, a few Nepalese who either got married to Danish women or Danish men wanted to maintain traditional Nepali rituals and festivals in Denmark, a new European land for Nepalese. To fulfill the aim, the President som nath sapkota and Prabin K. Prajapati Secretary General from NRN NCC Denmark participated in the Nepal Weekend, a three days program from 21 to 23 August 2009. which was held in Esbjerg, about 300 K.m. away from Copenhagen
In addition to its coordination works, a Dashain Party was also jointly hosted with Nepalese student’s organization NDSF (Nepal Denmark Student’s Forum). All the executive committee members and other interested people contributed for the program. The cost for the program was approximately 18000 DKK. In the Dashain celebration, around 450 Nepalese from different parts of Denmark and officials from Nepali Embassy in Denmark also attended the blissful native evening. While the program was ongoing all the participants exchanged greetings and best wishes to each other. In the celebration, Nepalese dishes were served. In the following Dashain festival, many Nepalese also took part in the Dashain program hosted by Nepali Embassy in Denmark on 27 September.

On 9 October 2009, NRNA executive committee members and representatives of other Nepali organization in Denmark held an interaction program with honourable minister for commerce and supply Rajendra Mahato from Nepal was held at the premises of Nepali Embassy in Denmark. Representatives from various Nepali organizations in Denmark laid queries forth to the minister regarding current political, economic and social issues of Nepal.

As per request from government of Nepal, NRNA NCC Denmark supported to the participants for the summiteers summit by finding logistic arrangement, food including active participantion in the march pass. While in the march pass volunteers from NRNA Denmark recognized the summiteers by KHADA and supported approximately 60,000 NRS. financial help collected from various organizations (Nepalese Democratic Forum, Nepal Denmark Student’s Forum, Nepal Student’s Network in Denmark) including executive members to the Honorable minister for Forest and Soil Conservation minister Depak Bohara. In addition to the further help, NRNA NCC Denmark supported 6 Sim Cards to the personnel from Nepalese media who were here to cover the news of Summiteers Summit along with COP15.
In the march pass a number of participants from Nepal, non resident Nepalese living in Denmark and Europe, representatives from various organizations such as Nepali Student’s in Denmark, officials from Nepal government, Everest Climber’s Associations, student’s organizations here in Denmark walked on the street of Christianberg. Artists from Nepal entertained the audience with folk songs giving message about melting Himalayas and it’s potential danger to new generation.
On the same day Dec 11, NRNA NCC Denmark organized a get together program with Nepalese government delegates Honorable ministers Deepak Bohara, Sharad Singh Bhandari, Minendra Rijal, Surendra Pandey and CA member Gagan Thapa and NRNA ICC delegates. The program was organized at hotel Scandic. While in the get together, vice President NRNA ICC Mr. Jiba Lamichhane handed over 7000 US$ collected from NRNA ICC to the Honourable minister Deepak Bohara.
NRNA NCC Denmark and Nepal Denmark Students’ Forum jointly organized an open press conference that was held at Enghave, Copenhagen. AV news Nepal, Nepali Tv UK, My, Himalayan Times and Nagariknews were among the media participants. The agenda of NRNA and problems of Nepali students in Denmark were extensively discussed. Lunch to media personel was served after the conference. NRNA NCC Denmark and Nepal Denmark Student’s Forum handed over 1000 DKK to support the Nepali TV UK.
A team of NRNA NCC Denmark delegates met Constituency Assembly members from Nepal who were here in Copenhagen for COP15. The delegates were Ramesh Rizal, the chairman of Committee on Determining the Structure of Legislative Body (Nepali Congress), Kalpana Dhamala from CA member from (Maoists), Geeta Chalise from M.L. and Tilak Rawal from UML including other 11 CA members . The cordial talk was held at Hotel Wake Up in Copenhagen. The talk focused on current political prospectus of Nepal. NRNA deligates expressed its grave concern over deteriorating condition of Nepal and slow process at constitution building. Besides that NRNA NCC Denmark deligates urged constituency assembly members to be serious and sincere in constitution building and requested them to give up personal and party based politics in terms of nation building. During the meeting NRNA deligates raised the issue of dual citizenship and asked constituency assembly members to play creative roles in the assembly to create a conducive environment for secure investment in Nepal.
NRNANCC Denmark also represented at interaction program with RH Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and other highly recognized personnel that was organized by Nepali Embassy in Denmark and also took part in the open debate with honourable minister Deepak Bohara organized by Nepali Student’s Network in Denmark.
NRNA NCC Denmark delegates were also able to organize a short introductory talk with RH Prime Minister at Kung Arthur hotel in presence of PM’s political advisor Raghujee Panta, His Excellency ambassador Bijaya Lal Karna. The delegates put forth the following issues to the Prime Minister.
• Tax problem for Nepalese students in Denmark
• Creation of conducive environment for NRN’s investment in various sectors in Nepal
• Dual citizenship for NRNs
• Constitution building
• Updating data base for Nepalese living abroad
• Exploration of world wide Nepalese citizens imprisoned in various jails who need legal support
• Request to all political parties to join the hands in terms of building New Nepal leaving behind all biasness and contractions.
• Urge to transform the skills earned by (NRNs) living abroad.
At the end, RH Prime Minister committed to the issues to be considered positively by the government of Nepal. NRNA Denmark also carried out a short talks to the His Excellency Ambassadors from France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and handed over a NRNA’s memoranda to CA Chairman Subhash Chandra Nembang, with copies to RH Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, Chairman of Constitution Building Committe Neelambar Acharya, Chairman of committee for fundamental rights and directives Binita Pandey through His Excellency Ambassador for Denmark Bijaya Lal Karna.

• On January NRNA NCC Denmark has registered with the CVRnr 32501869 under the rules , laws n regulations of Danish government.

• NRN NCC Denmark has provided a fund of 32000 NRs to carry out a free health camp at DUI PIPLE in Tanahun District of Nepal. The fund was handed over to Dr. Puspa Mani Kharal by NRNA President Som Nath Sapkota in a ceremony . Dr. Kharal works at National Apolo Hospital Damauli Tanahun and has been in Copenhagen Denmark for two week long training. In lieu to his proposal on carrying out a free health camp, NRNA NCC Denmark decided to support a humanitarian fund. The free health camp aims to cover about 400 people at Dui Piple Kaski being checked up health for free. Biku Bhandari the member of NRNA NCC Denmark has coordinated a fund raising program in which the amount was collected among Nepali people living in Denmark.
• On April 18, 2010 a historical meeting of NRNA Denmark executive board took the outstanding and long term impact decisions in which 11000 DKK will be allocated to humanitarian help under the coordination of president Som Nath Sapkota.

• NRNA NCC Denmark has supported financially to build the wooden kitchen project in Devghat for NRN Devghat Bridha ashram in amount of NRs 93000,which is a holistic work in a holy place ,which has been performed in April 2010
For the purpose of lobbying dualcitizenship, NRNA NCC Denmark president visited the different party leaders Narayan kaji shrestha ucpm,Ram chandra poudel nepali congress, Chitra bahadur kc rastriya janamorcha Nepal, HONORABLE MINISTER for foreign affairs MRs sujata koirala, .constituent Assembely members Gagan thapa,Ramesh Rijal ,uma adhikari n concerned authorities while intouring in Nepal on the month of may 2010 besides this interviews , talk shows , seminars has been delivered n casted in different TV chanels n FMS n other means of medias like BESO CHHANEL, VIJAYA FM ,KALIKA FM ,DHAULAGIRI FM ,pardarshi daily n others for the prompt n positive response on the issue of dual citizenship NRNA NCC Denmark president also attended the meeting the NTB Mr. Prachanda Man Shrestha, CEO, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)and Mr. Yogendra Shakya, National Coordinator, Nepal Tourism Year 2011 (NTY2011) for the promotion of tourism industry , president Som Nath Sapkota also attended the meeting regarding to the home stay for the tourists in tourism year 2011 as a hot topics organized by culture n tourism ministry of Nepal.

NRNA NCC Denmark supported as a goal partner for the 4tH Europe regional meeting in FRANCE on 31st july till august 1st by providing the financial support of euros 500.

The aforementioned works and charities are the achievement of NRNA Denmark until now and hopeful to bring more innovative and outstanding programmes for the future by Nepali for Nepali.

On behalf f NRNA NCC Denmark
Mr som nath sapkota
NRNA NCC Denmark

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